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What People Say About Angela Lin

"Angela is a savvy and effective marketing professional. She directed a campaign for us targeting C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies...I highly recommend Angela to anyone who needs a marketing professional that delivers on her promises and achieves measurable results."

Keith McCann

Sales Director of Source Intelligence

"Angela's strategies and tips have literally worked wonders! I have started sharing your links with everyone I know. I haven't been this confident in pre-sales activity ever! Angela's tips and strategies are so unbelievably easy to follow and apply instantly."

Barbara Davis

Author and Global IT Outsourcing Executive 

"The hardest things for any business owner is finding new customers. Within days, I had 75 qualified potential new clients. If you're looking to expand your business, I urge you to watch her videos and to use her services."

Gregory Jenkins

Business Owner, Accounting and Finance Specialist

"She gives simple strategies, easy to follow, and fast to get results. I recommend Angela to small and medium business owners, managers & executives, CEOs who is serious about their business, who constantly wants to grow referrals, prospects and sales!"

Baktygul Makhmet

Adwords Expert

"Angela is very genuine, intelligent person. She is very easy to talk to and she listens. I am so glad I went to her. I consider her my trusted LinkedIn advisor."


Small Business Funding Advisor

"Angela gave a LinkedIn presentation to my networking group and was very knowledgeable about her subject matter. I highly recommend anyone looking for an opportunity to grow their business through LinkedIn to get in touch with Angela."


Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach/Sensei

"I have listened to several webinars, watched several videos and read many articles about utilizing LinkedIn to network and build your business, but not one of them really tells you HOW to do it like Linked Business Accelerator! I just started utilizing these methods and am already getting results. You will be very happy with the personalized service you will receive and I am certain you will get great results as well!"

Jean Harshberger

Managing Partner,
EVX Transportation, LLC

"Angela is a geniune, caring individual who really wants others to succeed. She clearly articulates her message and is a great communicator making technology an easy to use asset."

Dean C. Kendall

Financial Organizer, Wealth Management, High Net Worth Planning

"Angela Lin has been a life saver to me as I launched my business on LinkedIn.  
Angela is a born trainer, able to give practical advice in simple language that even someone who is not a techie can understand. She handed me specific tools and strategies that I could put to work immediately. 
Any solo internet entrepreneur struggling to wear a zillion different marketing hats would benefit from Angela's services and wisdom. Don't spread yourself needlessly thin when help is at hand."

Marcia Brubeck

Owner, Marcia E. Brubeck, LLC

Want to Accelerate Your Sales and Business Growth so You Get Results in Less Time?


Who are the Lead Generation and Marketing Services for?

This is a great fit for you if:
- You are clear who your ideal clients are
- Have a structured sales process and just need the initial call or meeting or contact to get it going
- Have a higher pricing or specialized product or service ($5,000+ per Client)
- Have your own business for at least 3 years (not network marketing)
- Short on Time or People to Implement

How Are You Different from Others Offering Sales and Marketing Services?

We don't just train people with our online trainings, but we actually use these strategies ourselves for our company and my clients.
Done for You Services is a major part of our business (in addition to training, consulting and coaching). 
We have a focus on getting meetings with business clients (from professionals to owners to Fortune 500) for small to medium businesses
As a CPA and also past experience as a controller of a junior public company, I am constantly looking for ways to increase your profitability and cash flow.
As a Certified Customer Acquisition and Value Optimization Specialist, I also have experience in lead generation and marketing from Email, Website, Webinar, Product Launch, Videos, YouTube and Facebook.
We're constantly testing and working through these processes over the years. I'm constantly learning and will bring the latest best practice. We walk the walk. We do this every day. So this isn't just theory, this is based on real world results.

Will this Work for My Niche? Location? Industry?

Yes! There's more than 400,000,000 LinkedIn members around the world. If you sell to businesses, definitely a great way to get prospects and clients. If you sell to consumers, this is good for finding potential referral partners.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect to Get?

Set-Up Will Take the first Month. Then, after this, we you'll get an estimated 15+ meetings with prospects within the first 90 days after set-up. Afterwards, you can get an estimated 10 or more meetings each month with prospects. Results will vary depending on your offer and conversions.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Absolutely.  When we're helping you build your connections network, we guarantee that 25% of the targeted prospects that we send invitations to connect will accept your request. This will allow you to fill your pipeline and sales funnel with qualified prospects. No matter what niche you're in... 

How much does it cost?

It really depends on 3 things: Your sales process and who your ideal clients are How much time and effort you have to do it yourself What you're trying to achieve with your business - and when you're trying to achieve these goals by.
All of my clients are different in what their ideal outcome is, so that's why I need to talk with you to determine the best strategy and execution plan for you.