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My Story

Angela Lin has used social media and online marketing to get more leads and clients since 2008.  She has 1 of the Top 5% of the Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles in the World and 236,000+ YouTube views. Her clients include multi-millionaires, entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and students around the world. Winner of the prestigious national I.C.B.C. Case Competition in Marketing, she is a CPA and Certified Customer Acquisition and Value Optimization Specialist.  She is the author of "50 LinkedIn Power Tips" and "How to Cut Your Study Time in Half".

When she was young, she had severe asthma that sent her regularly to the emergency room. Her parents also fought a lot about not enough money (maybe you can relate to this). She thought that if she could just figure out how to make more money, then her family would be happy again. During her teenage years and university, she got involved with stock market investment, trading commodities (which she learned what not to do after losing $20,000+), rental properties (had to evict tenants with one tenant almost burning down the property),  and tried to start 2 businesses that made less than $500 total...Her parents also got divorced during this time.

She didn't give up and devoted the next few years to learning, going through lots of trial and error, she got a full scholarship for university, graduated as Beta Gamma Sigma  (Top 10%), won the prestigious national I.C.B.C. Case Competition in Marketing. 

 She got her CPA working for one of the Top 4 Accounting Firms and has audited private and public companies from small to larger businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars. She can take what has already proven to have worked at the successful businesses and translate it into efficient processes for you.

Having been the controller of a junior public company, she is also constantly focusing on what would be most profitable for your business. As a certified Customer Acquisition Specialist and Customer Value Optimization Specialist, and constantly learning the latest best practices – she will help you optimize your traffic for getting clients and increasing your profitability.

The training, consulting and services that she provides is made to be simple, step-by-step so that you can immediately take action.  The strategies will provide you with the right actions to take. These are from our real-world experience, not just what we think works, but what actually works.

Fun Fact: She speaks and read Mandarin fluently, improvs on piano, loves travelling and food, loves anything to do with ocean (including being in a cage with sharks swimming within arm’s reach) or water sports, listens to country/ R&B/ pop/ electronic/ instrumental music, has been involved in income property real estate investment for 14 years…
“My goal is to systemize, automate, and provide proven strategies with immediate actionable steps you can take right now to grow your business.” 

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